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NEWS! Clinical trial proves medibottle is still the most effective delivery system on the market by a wide margin.
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Imagine your baby taking all of their medicine without resistance. With medibottle, this is exactly what happens! The medibottle® assures delivery of an accurate dose, while at the same time eliminating the upset for both you and your baby.

An Arizona study found that the combined success rate of the four most popular delivery methods was a failing 37%! Medication compliance simply cannot be met under these circumstances and raises the question . . . Why are we willing to spend whatever is necessary on the medicine - and then fall so short in it's delivery?

Clinically tested in hospitals, medibottle ranked #1 in effectiveness at 93% vs. the 2nd place oral dispenser at 57%. In addition to receiving the only "A" in the Class, infant acceptance using medibottle was also 329% greater!

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