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medibottle Story

The medibottle was created out of a need to help a sick baby take their medicine. The device has been clinically tested and approved in hospitals, featured in more than a dozen medical journals and the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal. It's also been named Invention of the Year, Best Product of the Year, featured on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, as well as CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, and WGN networks.(see complete media list)

How medibottle Works

baby drinkingAs your baby begins to drink from the medibottle, short presses on the plunger jet "little squirts" of medicine into the tip of the nipple.

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These "little squirts" (about 5 drops of medicine per squirt) are swallowed and washed down immediately, giving the taste buds little time to sense the medication. This is why it works!

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medibottle Testimonials

"I would like to thank you for your creation! When I had my son, we discovered that he had acid reflux disease and needed to be medicated six times a day! Medibottle saved us!!! He takes his medicine so well!!!" —Dawn Deitermann, Mom.

"This is the absolute best thing ever invented! There is no spillage, no medicine on chins, floor, clothes, etc., I Love it." ML, Ewing, NJ

"No matter how much the infant dislikes the medications, the medibottle makes it easy. Today it was Prednisolone® and Augmentin®." - EB, R.N., Fort Smith, AZ

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