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More testimonials from medibottle users - parents and professionals alike!

"By using the medibottle I was assured that the entire amount of medication was taken by this infant. It prevents loss by gagging, coughing and throwing up due to the taste of medicine..." - Dawn Haut, M.D., The Children's Place Hospital

"It can be difficult for parents of young infants to administer prescribed antibiotics or other medications. Dosing syringes and spoons are often hard to use, especially if the medicine doesn't taste good. This innovation makes life easier for patients." —Dr. Andrew Schuman, an Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at Dartmouth Medical School, practicing pediatrician in New Hampshire, Medical Director of Med Nexus Internet On-Line Service

"I love the medibottle. We are using Zantac and Propulsid in the medibottle. Although the propulsid has to be taken 15 minutes before a meal, I just put about 1 oz. of juice in the bottle , let her have that, then wait the 15 minutes before I give her a full meal. The medibottle just makes my life so much easier, I don't have to fight my daughter to take her medicine, and I do not worry about her spitting it out and not getting her full doses." —J.G., email

"I have a 5-month-old baby boy. He has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Barth Syndrome. He has also Dilated Cardiomyopothy and will eventually he will need a new heart. He is on 8 different medications a day. It takes 14 oral syringes (oral dispensers) every day. I saw your product in a magazine. I thought it was wonderful. The medibottle enables me to give him his medications and I can be sure he gets the right dosages. I love the medibottle." —D.G. email

"I purchased the medibottle almost a year ago for my son. I have used the bottle to give him medicine for his too-frequent ear infections! Your product is the most innovative baby product I have ever seen! My son took his medicine without any problems and there was less stress all around. As a new Mom, it is difficult enough at times to comfort him when he is not feeling well. The medibottle eliminated all the anxiety of giving medicine. Thanks!" —R.S., email

"I used the medibottle today on a patient who needed Augmentin. Very outstanding. Gratefully." —J.D., RN

"I routinely administer a bitter tasting medication (chloral hydrate). I frequently have to restrain the children in order to give the full amount of medication. After using the medibottle all the children took the full dose of medication eagerly when it was given. I did not have to restrain the children. The parents and I were amazed at the results of the medibottle." —Dawn Haut, M. D. The Children's Place Hospital, Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for caring so much about your ultimate consumer. I definitely "tell" your product to a lot of people. My doctors were all impressed with the ease at which I could give so much medicine without my daughter knowing what I was doing!" —Leslie F. Hodnett, Gastonia, NC

"I am a physician assistant in a family practice office in North Carolina. I gave the samples you sent to a MOA and another PA that I work with because both their children were sick at the time and their parents were having a hard time getting them to take their meds. Both of them agreed that it worked wonderfully. The kids did not even notice the meds were being given. I have recommended the medibottle to several others since then. I think it is a great idea. Thanks." —J.C., email

"I had the need to use medibottle with Zoe, one of my capuchin monkeys. I used a nipple for newborns with an extra large slit so the formula was going down fast. The medibottle and syringe size seemed just right. She is taking 1cc of Antirobe - which is very bitter. Zoe would seldom drink more than 2 ounces at one setting. When I used the medibottle to give Zoe her medicine, she never acted as if there was anything unusual about what she was drinking. SO nice to know that ALL of the medicine was taken, and so easily! Thanks for a wonderful product!!!" —B.P., email

"When my baby was less than 8-months-old, he refused all medicine droppers and syringes. We would have to go through a big ordeal with holding his nose and making him swallow the medicine. I tried mixing the meds into his milk, but if he didn't drink the whole bottle, then I had no way to measure dosage accurately. This device delivered the medicine in little squirts between swallows of milk and he didn't pitch a fit. I love this thing. I wish I had invented it." —Austin's Mom from Houston. (www.FromBaby.com)

"Some of these medicines taste absolutely awful and kids just refuse to take them. With the medibottle the child does not even realize he is getting the medicine." —Jane Frankson, M.D. Wausau Medical Center

"Our 3-month-old daughter needs to take a variety of oral meds throughout the day for a liver condition. The medibottle has saved us. She doesn't cry and the medicines don't drip all over her. Every now and again she will push it away, but if it is the only thing I offer her and I don't give in she will eventually take it. I also bought a different nipple to be more like the one she is used to. At 20 dollars….I think it's a bargain!!!" —Second Time Mom, California. www.FromBaby.com

"One family of a baby with chronic seizure disorder had a lot of difficulty administering medication needed to control seizures. They were using the traditional oral syringe method with limited success and a high level of frustration. After using the medibottle for the first time, the family refused to go back to the oral syringe method. They were extremely grateful to have this product." —C.H., MS. CPNP, The Children's Hospital, Denver

"Our son was a premature baby with Downs Syndrome and has resisted all medicine. He gets pneumonia easily and is often on medication. The medibottle makes it much easier to get the medicine down." —BD, Henryetta, OK

" I am the editor of a newsletter for members of the National Tuberous Sclerosis Association, NTSA. The organization is dedicated to supporting families of individuals with Tuberous Sclerosis, a genetic, neurological disease that causes tumors to grow throughout all vital organ systems of the body. Because many infants and toddlers with Tuberous Sclerosis are on a number of medications, the medibottle will be useful to the families. I hope by spreading the news of this product, the stressful event of having to give medications to the children who have TS will become easier and stress free for the children and the parents that care for them." —David and April Bennett, email

"As a mom and a nurse, I believe the medibottle is a great way to administer liquid medication and vitamins to infants. It is easy to use and safe for my baby". —LB, R.N., University of Illinois at Chicago

"I'm in LOVE with the medibottle…it's been a saving grace. Thanks for such a wonderful product!" —Carol Lee Dulla, CRNH, BSN, MHCM San Diego, CA.

"I would like to thank you for your creation! When I had my son, we discoevered that he has acid reflux disease and needs to be medicated six times a day! Medibottle saved us!!! He takes his medicine so well!!!" —Dawn Deitermann, Mom.

"My 15 month old is on reflux medicine 6 times a day and she has been throwing up the medicine (and all her feedings) because she gags on the medicine spoon. It has been very frustrating giving oral medicine to a kid with a vomiting problem to begin with! I just started using this "Medibottle"-it's very cool and works like a charm. You fill this little bottle with formula or juice and you squirt the medicine (with a syringe that fits into the bottle) into the mouth while the baby eats. I found it at Walgreens-I could still be struggling with the medicine issue if not for this suggestion from Grandma! Even though I complained many times, no doctor ever made this suggestion. Good luck. —Skayton Mom, email.

" In Chicago, my husband was at the show (conference) without me while I was at home giving the baby medicine. It was extremely difficult giving medicine to a three month old. He came home with the bottle and after four difficult days of giving medicine, the rest of the six days was a breeze." —Tamer Soffer, Woodmere, NY

"We would like to thank you for your contribution in making medicines easier to administer." —Dr. Sharon Nachman

"This product is great. Giving babies medicine is difficult. The medibottle makes it easy." —Rosie O'Donnell

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