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April 20, 2000

Mr. John Vetterick
201 East Ogden Avenue
Suite 22
Hinsdale, IL 60521

Dear John:

Getting infants to take medication is often a challenge. They fight, spit up and become generally more cranky - not what a parent wants when their child is already ill.

Recently, I have started recommending the MediBottle as a fuss-free, reliable and safe way to administer medication to infants still on a bottle.

Feedback from parents has been very positive. They are extremely relieved and no longer dread giving necessary medication to their children, and I'm sure the infants are happier as well, no longer having to fight the battle over taking the medicine.

I will continue to recommend this stress-reducing, compliance-enhancing device to my parents of infants.


Keith E. Veselik, M.D.
Medical Director, Loyola Primary Care Center
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine/Dept. of Pediatrics

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